About Us

Passionate in Creating Quality & Delicious Burgers

Our Goal

Making people happy through food

Our goal is to make you happy through our food. By providing healthy and delicious meals with friendly service and a smile. To ensure our products are of the finest and the healthiest, we use fresh vegetables and meat. Every burger is prepared only upon customers’ order to ensure that you can enjoy the flavor of our burger at its fullest.

How It Started

While working at an investment company in Los Angeles in the 1960s, Mr. Sakurada frequented a local hamburger chain called Tommy’s. Inspired by the ‘cook to order’ concept, and delicious hamburgers at Tommy’s, Mr. Sakurada hit on the idea that a counterpart to an American icon would be as popular with his countrymen.

After returning to Japan, Mr. Sakurada started his hamburger shop venture and set up the first MOS Burger shop in Tokyo in 1972. Committed to producing food fine-tuned to the Japanese palate, Mr. Sakurada inspired his team to create innovative products that would stand the test of time. One of the finest creations was the Rice Burger, which proved a mash hit when it was launched in Japan in 1987.

How MOS Burger Got It’s Name

Mr. Sakurada, gave the name MOS, containing unlimited love for human beings and nature. MOS stands for Mountain, Ocean, and Sun. It means standing tall and firm like a Mountain, having a heart that is broad and deep as Ocean, and having passion like the Sun that never burns out. That is our founder’s never-ending love for human beings and nature. We care for nature and aims at people who shares the same value, “contribute to the creation of happiness society.”

From MOS of Japan to MOS of the World

Since opening our first overseas store in Taiwan in 1991, we have aggressively opened stores throughout the Asia Pacific region. As of the end of March 2021, we have more than 1700 restaurants worldwide. And we have 7 branches here in the Philippines.

About the CEO of MOS Burger Ph

Hubert Young

Hubert Young, chief executive officer of MOS Burger Philippines. Known for bringing franchises like MOS Burger, UCC Coffee, Mitsudayo Sei-Men, Tendon Kohaku, Coco Ichibanya, and Shaburi & Kintan Buffet to the Philippines, speaks with love and excitement for the cuisine he wants more Filipinos to experience.

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